• Let’s Talk Men’s Grooming!

    Let’s have some fun and talk about men’s grooming! If you are somebody that is preparing their own skin mask on the regular or I see you through the window getting a manicure then I am going to guess you may know all of this already. For the rest of us trying to find our […]

  • Every Drink Comes with a Story

    Swipe right, match. Swipe left, no match. Our next immediate thought, she doesn’t know what she is missing out on… I came up with this idea that I am about to share after countless Tinder and Bumble dates. More often than not, those first 30 minutes of the date plays out like a broken record. […]

  • The Power of Writing

    I feel a bit vulnerable putting this post into your hands, so bear with me. You see, the deeper I dig into myself to write this post, the more vivid the memories surface as to why I began writing for myself in the first place. As beautiful as life is, we all know it can […]

  • A Touch of Color

    As I am standing in line to enter the Colosseum, my eyes are immediately drawn to a certain young lady. I laugh, cringe and even appreciate the confidence of this young lady standing a few feet ahead. It would be hard for anyone to miss her as she stands there in silver, orange, and black […]

  • Time To Stand Out

    Those that have learnt photography will be able to immediately grasp this next concept about fashion. However, if you’re one of those who are not as familiar, let me take a moment to bring you up to speed. Aperture is the opening in a DSLR camera that lets light pass through and onto the picture […]