• Let’s Talk Men’s Grooming!

    Let’s have some fun and talk about men’s grooming! If you are somebody that is preparing their own skin mask on the regular or I see you through the window getting a manicure then I am going to guess you may know all of this already. For the rest of us trying to find our […]

  • Every Drink Comes with a Story

    Swipe right, match. Swipe left, no match. Our next immediate thought, she doesn’t know what she is missing out on… I came up with this idea that I am about to share after countless Tinder and Bumble dates. More often than not, those first 30 minutes of the date plays out like a broken record. […]

  • The Power of Writing

    I feel a bit vulnerable putting this post into your hands, so bear with me. You see, the deeper I dig into myself to write this post, the more vivid the memories surface as to why I began writing for myself in the first place. As beautiful as life is, we all know it can […]

  • Our E-Commerce Store Is Live!

    Check out why key members of GQ & Esquire are paying attention to CADOGAN. The new collection is here and it is fire! Click link to view new arrivals. www.cadoganworld.com Free shipping on all orders. Sizes S-4XL available. Look Sharp. Cause A Reaction.

  • A Touch of Color

    As I am standing in line to enter the Colosseum, my eyes are immediately drawn to a certain young lady. I laugh, cringe and even appreciate the confidence of this young lady standing a few feet ahead. It would be hard for anyone to miss her as she stands there in silver, orange, and black […]